A promotional fundraising piece for the Bell Foundry‘s indiegogo.com campaign.

“The Bell Foundry is a collectively run art space, public performance area, recreational park, and private musical rehearsing studio located in Baltimore, Maryland. It houses screen-printing facilities, artist studios, band practice spaces, a community garden and skate park. The basement is the most recognizable of all sections of The Bell Foundry because of its diverse underground music community.  The space has become increasingly popular due to its inclusive attitude. Over the past 3 years it has fostered a network of musicians and art enthusiasts nationwide and internationally.  It continues to be recognized as a safe space for freedom of expression for local musicians.”

Within 48 hours of its launch, the campaign reached its $4,000 goal thanks to its incredible community of artists and supporters.

Filmed by Tyler W. Davis and Dylan Ubaldo.

Edited by Dylan Ubaldo and Andrew McClaymont.